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Returning to its legendary status the Adire Audio Brahma has pace-setting performance in virtually every category. We kick it up… read more


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Returning to its legendary status the Adire Audio Brahma has pace-setting performance in virtually every category. We kick it up a notch with Brahma Mark 2.5. Using the same spider, cone and surround compliance from the Mark II from 2005, the Brahma Mark 2.5 is the same configuration with one less magnet slug thanks to improvements in magnet technology.

Designed from the ground up the Brahma Mark 2.5 uses patent XBL^2 technology which allows it to set a new benchmark in terms of linear sound quality and SPL capability. The Brahma Mark 2.5 has a redesigned motor for a more compact footprint while keeping the same legendary performance.

Designed for extreme SQ/SPL situations, it features dual 2 or 4 ohm voice coils (1/2/4/8 ohm wiring options), 1250W RMS power handling, a 3" diameter copper voice coil, dual 8" flat progressive-rate spider, and other state-of-the-art technology. Big SPL isn't a problem at all.

Brahma Mark 2.5 also delivers world-class sound quality. This unique design greatly reduces the distortion, lowers inductance, and increases overall linearity of the driver.  At 1mm, or 20mm of excursion, the Brahma still sounds consistent. XBL^2 motors provide for exceptional stroke And extreme sound quality, all with a rugged, high power handling design.


All sizes are available for purchase and have a 4-5 business day built time.


***Please note production version will have black top plate and bottom plate - and gray basket***

***Final t/s are subject to change after Klippel testing is complete***

Updated images will be published soon.



Thiele-Small Parameters

Brahma 10"Brahma 12"Brahma 15"
CoilsDual 2 or Dual 4Dual 2 or Dual 4Dual 2 or Dual 4
FsComing Soon26.6 HzComing Soon
ReComing Soon3.78 OhmComing Soon
QmsComing Soon5.921Coming Soon
QesComing Soon.553Coming Soon
QtsComing Soon.506Coming Soon
Le3.32 mH
1.66 mH per coil
MmsComing Soon226.78 gComing Soon
CmsComing Soon.18 mm/NComing Soon
SdComing Soon481.69cm^2Coming Soon
VasComing Soon46.1 LComing Soon
SPLComing Soon84.4 dBComing Soon
BlComing Soon17.88 TmComing Soon
XmaxComing Soon28mm (One Way)Coming Soon

Technical Specifications

Brahma 10"Brahma 12"Brahma 15"
Overall DiameterComing Soon12.5"Coming Soon
Cutout DiameterComing Soon11.125"Coming Soon
Mounting DepthComing Soon7.625"Coming Soon
Driver DisplacementComing Soon.13 cuftComing Soon
Sealed EnclosureComing Soon.70 - 1.5 ft^3Coming Soon
Ported EnclosureComing Soon1.5 - 2.5 ft^3 @ 30 HzComing Soon
Shipping Weight30 LBS35 LBS40 LBS

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  • carlos gaston

    This sub is unreal. Best speaker I have owned. It beats!!!! Get one or 2. You’ll be happy as hell.