Brahma X Mk2 15″ | 1500w XBL2 Car Subwoofer


  • Patented XBL^2 Linear Motor Technology
  • Hi Temp 3” Flat Wound Aluminum Voice Coil
  • Machined Aluminum Shorting Ring in XBL Rebate
  • Heavy Duty Lead Wires Interwoven Into Spiders
  • Y35 Ferrite Magnet Motor Structure w/ Vented Pole
  • 1500W RMS Power Rating

The 2021 Brahma X Mk2, previously known as the Brahma Extreme has a rich history of setting records many years ago in various car audio SPL competitions. We decided to set out and redesign the Brahma Extreme further refining the original XBL^2 motor designs and bring them up to what we feel makes the ultimate musical daily driving subwoofer!

For 2021 we set out to give a nod to the legendary aspects of the original Brahma Extreme and update it to what we feel is an excellent ode to the rich history of an extremely rugged ground pounding daily driving ultra musical subwoofer. The Brahma Extreme Mk2 also includes inductance rings inside of the Y35 ferrite magnetic gap to help lower the overall inductance of the woofer and enhance a more vibrant and tonally balanced output through out the entire range of linear excursion. It also features a high temperature 3” flat wound copper voice coil rated at 1500 watts RMS as well as our proprietary dual 8” progressive roll spider profile.

We’ve tested many different blends of materials over the past 2 years and have settled on a 100% Nomex weave for long term durability. This technology is just one small piece of the redesign puzzle which adds up to allow us to keep the Brahma Extreme Mk2 as sound quality oriented as possible, without sacrificing any SPL output for those who really like to go to the Extreme!

Featuring 4awg push pin terminals we’ve also utilized a non pressed kraft pulp hybrid fiber blend cone body and a multi-layer foam surround that keeps the Brahma Extreme durable for your sonic enjoyment for many years to come. Our standard injection molded ABS plastic dustcaps keep the cone body rigid for the Extreme applications they may be used in. We also have carbon fiber dustcaps as an available option if you would like to further enhance the overall rigidity of the already rugged Brahma Extreme.

With excellent sound quality and extreme output the Brahma Extreme Mk2 is the epitome of what an Extreme daily driving subwoofer should be!


Coil Dual 2 or Dual 4
(VC wired in series)
Fs 24.67 Hz | Comming Soon!
Re 3.84 Ohm | Coming soon!
Qms 5.00 | Coming Soon!
Qes .522 | Coming Soon!
Qts .47 | Coming Soon!
Le D2: .599 mH per coil
D4: Coming Soon
Mms 345 g | Coming Soon!
Cms .12 mm/N
Sd 791.73 cm^2
Vas 107.39 L | Coming Soon!
SPL D2: 86.64 dB @ 1W/1m
D4: Coming Soon!
Bl 19.83 Tm | Coming Soon!
Xmax 32mm (One Way)
RMS Power 1500 W

Box Info

Overall Diameter 15.75″
Cutout Diameter 14.00″
Mounting Depth Coming Soon
Driver Displacement .17 ft^3
Sealed Enclosure 3-4 ft^3 Net
Ported Enclosure 3-5 ft^3 Net @ 32hz
Weight 50LBS


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